International cargo trucking

Service station

serviseOne more structural subdivision of the company «Roka-Trans Ukraine» LTD is its Service station.

Specialized modern service station for repairing of cargo trucks and lorries is dealing with all kinds of repair services starting form tire repair to repair of the engines.

The main task of our service station is keeping our fleet of trucks in an ideal condition. We can also offer the quality repairing services to other carriers of the region. By us you can repair the trucks of the following models: MAN, DAF, RENAULT, VOLVO, SKANIA, MERCEDES-BENZ.

Our service station provides the repair services of almost all sets of trucks, namely:
• Engine repair;
• Diagnostics and repair of transmission line (KPP, cohesion, reducers) ;
• Repair of pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as of electronics;
• Repair, restoration and substitution of the suspension mount details;
• Truck body and welding works;
• Refueling of conditioners and fridges;
• Checkup of the trucks and lorries and trailers (Substitution of oil filters, diagnostics of faultinesses);